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  1. It’s far too often that I see people shying away from newest technologies in the spirit of backwards compatibility. “We can’t move the minimum PHP requirement to 5.5 because we have 50% of our users on 5.4 still!”, they say. “There’s no way for us to move to Guzzle 4+, our back end is built on version 3 and it would take too much time and money”. I like the common argument from WordPress the best: “We can’t go full OOP and logic/presentation decoupling, because most of our users are running shared hosts with PHP 5.1 or don’t know OOP and/or MVC”.
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  2. As a freelancer, you’re almost always trading time for money. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, but it can definitely take a turn for the worse when your time estimates are inaccurate.
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  3. Whether you’re a beginner who’s finally comfortable developing projects in a particular language, or an experienced developer looking to expand their skillset, there is no shortage of new things to learn. From new techniques to new technologies, most will help you immensely in your web development career. The good thing about many of these skills is that they can each be grasped in a weekend. Here’s a basic list for you to tackle next time you have a couple of days free.
  4. As our web pages and apps get more complex our style sheets get larger and harder to maintain. CSS preprocessors like Sass help by keeping our style sheets concise and allowing us to modularize our code while offering a whole slew of features not yet available in regular CSS.
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  5. So after some digging and some modifying we present a plugin for Coda 2 to automatically compile your handcrafted Sass into CSS for you whenever you save a Sass file in Coda.
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  6. Reducing the page loading time of your website pages improves your visitor’s user experience and reduces the chance of them hitting the back button on their browser. Search engines such as Google have also confirmed the speed of a website is a contributing factor in how they rank it in their search results, therefore it pays to have a fast loading website.
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  16. Most people don't get to work from home. Those that do find it can be a double-edged sword. More freedom means more responsibility, after all. Even if you don't work from home, here are some lessons learned from the other side that everyone can apply to their daily habits.
  17. Your office is your home away from home. And keeping the office clean is an incredibly important function of everyday work life. While it'd be great if you could clean up after yourself every day to make sure everything is always spick-and-span, the truth is that you'll probably hold off on the bigger cleaning chores until you absolutely need to... Until somebody important knocks on the door, forcing you to de-clutter everything like a highly-efficient cleaning ninja.
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  18. This doesn't mean that push notifications are no longer useful though. Push notifications are great to notify an application about important events and to keep your application's users engaged. Also, don't forget that an application still isn't allowed to run in the background without restrictions. In other words, the original purpose of push notifications is still valid.
  19. If you live in Europe, you've probably heard about the cookie law. The exact law changes from country to country and some of the guidelines are a little unclear about ways it should be implemented.
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  20. Bootstrap is not a great fit for WordPress theme development.
  21. How fair is your contract? Find out in seconds.
  22. Patternbolt is a fine selection of SVG pattern background,packed in a single CSS or SCSS file.
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  24. The first use case we will explore cloning a running raspberry pi to a fresh SD card. To make things easy, we will do all these steps on the actual raspberry pi. You will need to have one free USB port and a USB SD card reader.
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  25. In this tutorial, we will review how to add a media button in the right place, how to open the media window when the user clicks on it and, finally, how to get the selected items in order to insert them simultaneously into both visual and HTML editors.
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  26. This is why today we are releasing a cool new jQuery plugin that adds social sharing buttons to your site without slowing it down. It is easy to use, powered by CSS3, mobile friendly and fully customizable.
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  27. In this tutorial, we will be crafting a plugin to show server status including disk space, memory consumptions, CPU usage, and process usage.
  28. It’s not trivial to set up PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification). It requires a free Business (Premium) PayPal account, a web hosting account with PHP support, configured to allow creating HTTP socket connections using “fsockopen” function, a MySQL database set up on your web server, a mailing mechanism (for sending the product to the buyer) and a free Gmail account.
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  29. This collection of plugins includes free and premium options – including many WPMU DEV plugins – that offers features such as two-factor authentication for a more secure login process, complete rebranding of your WordPress backend, and more simple functionality like login redirects and the ability to replace the image on your login page.

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