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  1. Koala is a GUI application for Less, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript compilation, to help web developers to use them more efficiently. Koala can run in windows, linux and mac.
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  2. There are many benefits of Sass for WordPress developers. You’ve probably heard many arguments for using a pre-processor by now. CSS pre-processors provide the opportunity for better code organization by using partials and nesting styles. Pre-processors help developers style faster by writing mixins and functions. Pre-processors also allow us to write more maintainable, scalable code with logic and variables.
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  3. This tutorial will outline how to extend the WordPress administration screens for your post types by customizing what columns of information are displayed.
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  4. Throughout this series, we're going to take at one way that we can write maintainable code in WordPress through an example plugin that introduces meta boxes, various options, and tabbed navigation in the WordPress dashboard.
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  5. In this article, we're going to take a look at how to use Sass and Compass in our WordPress theme development process. We will structure our theme stylesheets in SMACSS fashion and will leverage the power of Compass to generate image sprites for both retina and non-retina devices.
  6. You can start by creating the most advanced version of the site with all of the scripts, styles, and so on, and then have it render in older browsers via graceful degradation, you may opt to ignore older browsers, or you can start with a basic page and add scripts and styles such that it becomes more functional via progressive enhancement.
  7. You can also make a Wikipedia clone and mimic its features like a "table of contents" section or linked cross references. In this tutorial, we're going to make use of shortcodes and custom fields in order to create a working "Footnotes" section.
  8. Basically, your site’s backend could be doing more for you. It could be working harder for you. And that’s why white labeling—the process of adding personalized, branded touches—is such a good idea. So today I’m going to present some solutions for white labeling your site, from plugins and themes that guide your customizations to manual code snippets you can drop into your site right this second.
  9. If you update your website regularly, your database will grow larger over time. A large database can greatly affect the performance of your website as it takes longer for your server to retrieve information from database tables. This is why database optimization is so important.
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  10. In order to get you started, I have compiled a selection of some of my favorite custom functions for you to begin using throughout your projects.
  11. Now more than ever we need to make our sites blazing fast on desktop and on mobile.
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  12. While developing for WordPress we frequently get into situations that call for specialized plugins and tools to make our lives easier. Importing test posts, regenerating images, automation of WordPress reinstallation, creating options pages – just a fraction of an endless list.
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  13. If you’re into monitoring your server and knowing your traffic, you may be observing the same recent spike in malicious activity. In response to these attacks, I’ve been secretly working on the next generation of G-series blacklist, the inevitable 6G Firewall.
  14. A complete professional installation and configuration can contain a lot longer than the famous 5 minute install!
  15. If you are using multisite to publish multiple sites then reusing media across your sites either means inserting with a url or loading the image up twice. Hardly satisfactory.
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  16. What custom post types do is allow you to add your own type of data; that may be an article, a song, a movie, or thousands of other things. Custom post types allow you to categorize your data according to your individual needs, which in turn allows you to take greater control over how your site behaves.
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  17. Managing clients is a big part of freelancing. Many freelance designers have their own way of working with clients. But a lot of them do it in a way that works against them. Here are a few things I do differently that allows me to work with clients without headache.
  18. jExpand is ultra lightweight jQuery plugin that will make your tables expandable. Typical for line of business applications, this feature can help you organize tables better. This way, tables can hold more information such as images, lists, diagrams and other elements.
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  19. We’ll explore the latest theoretical approaches, like agile development, minimum viable product (MVP), and lean startup principles. But don’t worry—it will also be a very practical tutorial, in which you learn how to put these theories into practice, and see examples of how it’s been done in the real world by successful companies like Dropbox.
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  20. Hardware keeps getting smaller, more powerful and more distributed. To keep up with growing system complexity, there's a growing software revolution—called “reactive” development—that defines how to architect applications that are going to participate in this new world of multicore, cloud, mobile and Web-scale systems.
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  21. We generally advise to use any SSH based tools like SFTP or SCP for deployment and only use FTP if not possible otherwise.
  22. These days, an author biography is so much more than an online trend, especially on multi-author websites. In fact, in researching this article, I couldn’t find a single example of resistance to author bios. Apparently, having solid author bio on your WordPress website is a must.
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  24. If you are thinking of developing for the mobile application market, an important decision is to decide between developing a native application or a hybrid one.
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  25. heatmap.js v2.0 is the most advanced heatmap visualization library on the web.It has a light footprint
  26. If you are a WordPress user, you might be familiar with the theme settings page. This page can be found under the Appearance Menu or in the Administrator Menu itself. Basically it allows the administrator to change specific settings like logo, text color, Google Analytics code and so on. Perhaps one of the first things you do is tweak that WordPress settings page, for sure.
  27. Most WordPress users never come into direct contact with the database and may not even be aware that it's constantly working to populate their site. When WordPress serves up any kind of page, be that the home page, a single post or page or an archive, it's accessing the database to bring up content that editors and administrators have added to the site.
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  28. This package can manage archives in the ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZ, BZIP2 formats.It provides a unified interface to list, extract, and create archives in several compression and packing formats.
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  29. This page helps you understand the publishing process and get ready for a successful product launch on Google Play. It summarizes some of the tasks you'll need to complete before publishing your app on Google Play, such as creating a signed, release-ready application package (APK), understanding the requirements of the app, and creating the product page and graphic assets for each of your apps.
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  30. A Google Apps for Work, Education, or Government domain can have a Private Channel on the Google Play Store. The Google Apps domain administrators can allow domain users to register with the Android Developer Console to publish Android applications to the Private Channel. The publisher account owner who registered with the Android Developer Console must be a Google Apps user in the same domain, such as internal IT staff, and not external developers.
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  31. It takes a set of geographic points given their latitude and longitude and it determine the nearest neighbor of another given point.
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  32. High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS
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  33. Vannatter's workspace is biometrically locked to keep the kids out, so he can focus on getting things done—or, playing video games. He has a TV and cabinet full of comic books in the back (not shown), five monitors (holy crap), a mini-fridge under the desk, and some serious ambient lighting along the edges. Not to mention some amazing cable management.
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  35. Even the best camera is only as good as the photographer's skills. The "Where to Start" interactive chart guides beginners to learn about the basics of photography.
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  37. The creative process takes a lot of time, and web designers know it. When you factor in feedback from clients, the process takes even longer: numerous emails, revision notes, chats and meetings — that’s what it normally takes to find out precisely what the client wants.
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  38. Mobile visitors usually refers to those who are visiting the site via tablet or smartphones. Naturally, we have to build websites that respond and adapt to mobile devices, or we won't be reaching many of those who are visiting our sites and/or our applications.
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  39. This article will show you how to implement SSL into your WordPress website but won't go into details of how to buy and set up certificates with your web host, as this changes from provider to provider.
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  40. As a developer or design professional, one of the biggest benefits of building your sites on WordPress is that in most cases you are building your code on a proven platform which has been fortified over time. Unfortunately when it comes to security, there’s no such thing as a fully hack-proof system. Fortunately though when it comes to securing both yours and your clients systems, there are a few WordPress vulnerability scanners which can help you spot errors before they get out of hand.
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