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  1. In my last article, I wrote about how we allow clients and prospects to mistreat us. Such treatment can range from the merely annoying, to unprofessional, disrespectful, or outright abusive. Regardless of how you label it, or whether it’s deliberate or not, the bottom line is: do you want to be treated that way? Of course you don’t!
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  3. Although you may have a smaller budget than these agencies, you can do what Charlie Munger did - spend just one hour each day on your most important client. What can you do as a freelancer to enhance yourself?
  4. An attitude that would over time become more and more stable so that I could not only look at the world in a positive way during good days. But also so I could stay positive and constructive even during tough times and keep working towards something better.
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  5. We still build things the way machines read them - not the way we intuit them. Jeet allows you to express your page grid the same way a it. No more needlessly nesting elements. No more rigid twelve column rules. with less code, and more flexibility with
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  6. Instead I’d like to offer 29 of the smartest, most motivational and insightful thoughts from the people who have come before us on procrastination and on getting things done.
  7. So what should we do if we’re facing a task we don’t want to do? Well, we can run, and find distraction. That usually works, until it causes problems. Or we can find a way to get crap done.
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  8. In my research, I come across new little tidbits all the time, so I thought I’d share some of them in this post. Admittedly, not everything in this post will have a ton of immediate practical value, but maybe you can mentally file some of these away for later use.
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  9. In this tutorial we’ll look at the techniques needed to make a navigation menu that is hidden off screen until the user clicks on a menu icon, at which point the content slides over and darkens, and the menu slides in. The menu will also be responsive vertically, filling the height of the browser window on whatever size screen it’s being looked at in.
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  10. After almost three years in pursuit of a standardized solution to the problem of responsive images, the Responsive Images Community Group is excited to announce that the picture element is officially coming to a browser near you. Once it lands, we’ll see the trend toward massive, bandwidth-heavy responsive websites begin to slow—and hopefully, reverse—over time.
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  11. Wardrobe is a minimalistic blogging application. Wardrobe attempts to make blogging simple and enjoyable by utilizing the latest technologies and keeping the administration as simple as possible with the primary focus on writing.
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  12. Think of the job you have now and imagine losing interest in it. I love writing, but for the sake of this example, let’s say, I’m already on the brink of giving up. I’m 24 years old, turning 25 in a couple of months, and I want to start fresh. Do something different. But at this age, enrolling in a college to earn a new degree is impractical, both money-wise and time-wise. That leads me to consider online education as part of my learning.
  13. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, today’s PHP isn’t your grandmother’s PHP; it’s an entirely different, much more elegant and mature language with countless improvements and additions.One of the key additions is Composer, the de facto standard for managing PHP project dependencies which, by default, gives you access to hundreds of ready-made libraries, via
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  14. Let’s focus on the main goal here: CSS output. In this whole experiment, I am not considering code complexity or code quality. I’m only considering final CSS output. The point is to have CSS output that is as light and lean as possible.
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  15. There are many ways to create a navigation menu for the Web. One of the most popular navigation menus is the accordion look drop-down navigation that slides up and down, showing its sub-menus when toggled.
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  17. Have you ever wanted to build a search feature into an application? In the old days, you might have found yourself wrangling with Solr, or building your own search service on top of Lucene — if you were lucky. But, since 2010, there’s been an easier way: Elasticsearch.
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  18. Trianglify is a javascript library for generating colorful triangle meshes that can be used as SVG images and CSS backgrounds.
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  19. In Eric S. Raymond's seminal essay on open source, The Cathedral and the Bazaar, he defines Linus's Law (named for the father of the Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds), which states that "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." In other words. If enough users are looking at the code, bugs and problems will be found.
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  20. There are some pretty simple ways that parallax design, when overdone, can negatively impact your site’s SEO
  21. PDO is a PHP extension to formalise PHP's database connections by creating a uniform interface. This allows developers to create code which is portable across many databases and platforms. PDO is _not_ just another abstraction layer like PearDB although PearDB may use PDO as a backend. Those of you familiar with Perls DBI may find the syntax disturbingly familiar.
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  22. This free online service performs a deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the public Internet. Please note that the information you submit here is used only to provide you the service. We don't use the domain names or the test results, and we never will.
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  23. In the process of creating a PHP application you may come to a point when keeping it isolated from remote resources or services may become a barrier in its development. To move along with the project you may employ different API services to fetch remote data, connect with user accounts on other websites or transform resources shared by your application.
  24. The Pebble watch has seen a growing number of techies like myself wearing it excitedly around their wrists in recent months. They’ve just released version two of their API which not only brings a Pebble app store into fruition but also brings a JavaScript framework into the picture. The PebbleKit JavaScript Framework allows you to use JavaScript to dynamically read in data and events from the web onto a Pebble watch app, and vise versa. This brings an exciting new realm of potential to Pebble apps – we can now easily integrate the Pebble watch with any number of cool web APIs.
  25. A lot of mobile-minded talented folks across the globe produce great work, but yet sometimes you still hear many of them complain about their relationships with their clients. They often mention feeling isolated and not truly understanding what the client really needed.
  26. Adding voice control to your DIY projects is a great way to make them more powerful, but it's not exactly an easy process. Jasper is an open source, Raspberry Pi-connected, always-on platform to add voice control to your projects pretty easily.
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  27. Your WordPress site is slow, and you’re losing page views and revenue because of it. But you’re also busy – I get it. Here’s seven speed tips you could have a crack at on your lunch break – they’re so simple and easy.
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  28. As smart phones and tablets have become popular, more and more people are have been reading their emails regularly on their small screen devices. According to Campaign Monitor, mobile surpassed web and desktop client usage last July 2012. As the mobile email usage grows, web developers and designer must consider optimizing the look of their email newsletters on phones and tablet.
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  29. Awhile ago, the awesome Jeffrey Way created a tool called Prefixr which was meant to help with the onerous task of managing vendor prefixes in your stylesheets. It worked by analyzing your stylesheet and automatically adding the vendor prefixed version of different rules into an output that you could then paste into your file. It was a pretty slick tool.
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  30. You’re in command of the command line. You’re not a noob at setting up NOOBS. Slowly but surely, you’re learning your way around the affordable, credit card-size computer for DIY tinkering, Raspberry Pi.
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